Lego Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX


Volvo Construction Equipment and Lego Technic have teamed up to create an autonomous concept wheel loader of the future. The two Scandinavian design heavyweights jointly developed the Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX, giving us a window into the future of construction machines, and the endless possibilities for autonomous vehicles.

The project started out as a team building exercise between the two design departments and evolved into a fully fledged autonomous concept wheel loader. A focus group, including some very lucky children, were drafted in and gave their input into the design. Using their feedback the final design includes a mapping drone and the adjustable camera boom mounted on the top of the vehicle, called “the Eye”. We think you will agree, the outcome is one cool piece of kit.

Roland Schiling, Chief Designer at Volvo CE describes the technology as “what we have today” so although this is a study of construction machines for the future, the ZEUX is a viable machine and could be built tomorrow. The Volvo and Lego hook-up was a test of functionality, scale, design, and interaction.

Together with LEGO® Technic designers and a bunch of amazing kids, we’ve developed the Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX packed with some truly spectacular features. The result is not only a sneak peek into the future of electromobility, but also the introduction of a brand new LEGO Technic building kit (available in stores in August).

Fully Electric Autonomous Vehicle

Fully Electric

The ZEUX autonomous wheel loader is fully electric and its 150 kWh battery allows it to operate for between three to five hours before it will return to its charging station to charge its batteries by induction charging. This eliminates the need for it to be plugged in in order for it to recharge. This allows the ZEUX to operate more or less continuously.

That’s right, this awesome machine will be available as a Lego Technic building kit. The 1,167 piece advanced kit has a recommended retail price of $139.99, and will be available in the Lego store from August 2018.

Volvo CE ZEUX Lego Technics

Volvo Lego Technics

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